I did an “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) on Friday for members of the all access pass.

I do these from time to time, but for some reason - this friday’s was unusually good.

So Ben chopped up ~5 clips from the AMA (because Ben is the f*cking man) that had little nuggets of wisdom….Check ‘em out.


1/ Using the “Red Pill” framework when trying to build an audience

2/ How to not feel “overwhelmed” trying to decide what project to work on

3/ My “A..B…..Z” framework I use instead of business plans

4/ The backstory of how I formed my partnership with The Hustle for the podcast (and how you can reach out to influencers for partnerships)

5/ How to learn the rules of any game

I thought it was a good AMA, or as Ben put it:

until next week,