We’re about a month into the all access pass - and we just wrapped up project #1:

  • Raised a $2.6M (our goal was $1M) rolling fund
  • Found an awesome operator to run the fund

And now we’re onto Project #2 - where we show you how to create an online course that drives over $1M+ in sales.

Weekly Recap:

  • Day 17: The "Big Mario" Marketing Framework
  • Day 18: Setting up Facebook Ads to Grow the Free Newsletter Audience
  • Day 19: Building the Landing Page (Screencast)
  • Day 20: Setting Up A Lead Magnet In Under 20 Minutes

For free followers of the all access experiment, I’m unlocking Day 19 below, so you can see how to prototype a landing page fast!

Unlocked Post – 🔓Day 19

My favorite teacher back in high school (mr beckham) worked his butt off, and only made ~$70k ish a year. That’s because his teaching could only reach people within the 4 walls of our high school.

​With the internet - the best teachers can reach millions of students and make millions of dollars. The founder of teachable said they have 12 teachers making over $1M+ per quarter right now.

​If a caveman came from the past in a time machine and wanted to know why everyone’s making so much more money on the internet - I’d explain that with most businesses, you’re limited by geography. The internet doesn’t give a fuck about geography. If you have a winning business (like the McDonalds of the internet), You don’t have to spend a decade expanding. You expand everywhere, you’re open every hour, at nearly zero cost.

At that point, the caveman would probably be like - what’s McDonald's?

​Anyways I digress.

To get this course started, we:

​1) Picked a topic (learning how to buy profitable businesses) that we are personally interested in learning about

2) Building our audience BEFORE we’re building our product.

I don’t always advise this. And might change my mind… but for now I think the right strategy is to build a free email list - and then upsell them a course.

I prefer this strategy, but if it’s going too slow or not working, we’ll ditch the audience building section and use paid ads to drive traffic straight to the course. The free audience is great if it works, because it builds trust. If people get value from me 5 times for free, they are highly likely to expect my paid course to be high quality too.

In this email, we’re going to show you our first stab at building an internal prototype for the course landing page in under 15 minutes from start to finish (click the image to view the loom step-by-step walkthrough):


Now that we have a bunch of ideas around our prototype in Figma, tomorrow is about figuring out the lead magnets and key pieces of content to build the waitlist and audience with..

Reading List – 📖

1 - This slide deck breaking down the New York Times business. I LOVE this guys slides. He did one for costco a while back that was amazing too. (I bought $100k+ of NYT stock after reading this...that’s how convincing it is)

2 - This blog post from Paul Allen (founder of Ancestry.com) back in 2007 when he made a bunch of predictions that at the time seemed unlikely. (eg. That facebook would reach 1B users). I love reading old blog posts. When you see how right/wrong they were back then, it teaches you to think for yourself now and take all news/opinions with a grain of salt.

3 - Speaking of predictions - checkout Metaculus. It’s a website where you can make predictions & earn points based on if they were right and wrong. It looks like the prediction for “will it be reported that Trump tests positive for COVID-19 in 2020?” - the crowdsourced wisdom had this at 25% before it happened!