I’m back back back with another update.

​This all access thing continues to amaze me. We have a ~79% open rate and the feedback has been super positive. People seem to like the “building in public” concept. ​

On the other hand, it’s alotta-fuckin-work. So we’ll see how long I can keep up the pace of creating content 6x days a week.

This week was all about booting up the ecommerce venture.

Here’s how we approached getting that done this week:

  • Day 9 - Brainstorming ideas (with a little help from Aliexpress)
  • Day 10 - Narrowing down ideas (impulse vs. repeat vs. splurge)
  • Day 11 - The Power Box Technique
  • Day 12 - Validating Demand For Our Product Ideas
  • Day 13 - How to Find a Manufacturer

I'm unlocking day 12 for you (it received a 100% rating from our premium members!). It’s mostly a 20 minute screencast where I show you 5-6 techniques I use to figure out if there’s demand for an ecommerce product before placing a big bulk order.


**Unlocked Post:**

Today’s OBT:

I’m going to show you a quick & dirty way to gauge how much demand there is for an ecommerce product. It’s 15 mins, and includes a few lesser known tactics that I like to use: ​

​⬇ Click the image below to open the video! ⬇

Here are the links to the tools i talk about in the video:

  • Junglescout - look at sales volume for any search on Amazon
  • Import Genius - look at import records for everything coming into the country; shipping big weight = selling big volumes
  • Facebook Ad Library - look up ads that are running on facebook or ig for any brand
  • KWFinder - look up how much search volume is happening
  • Google Trends - look up macro trends around a specific topic
  • Shopify Receipts - buy a product and look at the # on the receipt...all shopify stores start at 1,000, so you can see how many orders have been placed
  • Shopify Traffic - look up how much daily traffic a specific shopify store has

have a good sunday,


P.S. The two best things I read on the internet this week were from Justin Mares about side hustles (read it here) and Frank Slootman (you know, the CEO who just took Snowflake public) about leadership, read it here!